How to Improve Your Home's Health

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Most of us spend the majority of our lives within our home without realizing that we are exposed to an abundance of health hazards. However, most of these hazards aren't visible, so it's not possible to know that they are present.

In this guide, we're going to inform you of some of the most common health hazards in the home and how to conquer them. Making your home a healthier place doesn't have to be expensive or a colossal task. Just a few small changes can make a real difference.

Here are the simplest yet effective ways of improving the health of those in your home:

1. Get dust under control

Dust accumulates on surfaces, whether it be carpets, floorboards, or furniture, and is usually only visible under direct light. Did you know that dust can cause severe allergies and contains dangerous chemicals such as lead and pesticides?

To get rid of dust, make sure to clean surfaces regularly and vacuum afterwards to avoid particles floating around the room. Be sure to get into the hard-to-reach areas such as corners of skirting boards and furniture to give your home a thorough cleanse.

2. Add indoor plants

Not only do plants add an attractive element to your home, but they also provide several health benefits. Plants naturally generate oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, while eliminating toxic compounds out of the air. Scientists also believe that indoor plants can have a positive impact on our mental health by reducing stress, improving mood, and increasing pain tolerance.

3. Purify the air

Did you know that the air inside your home is likely to be more contaminated than the air outside? Due to the confined space in a building, polluted air can be a major cause of respiratory health conditions in both children and adults. If you're concerned about the quality of air in your home, it would be best to get in touch with an Atlanta HVAC service to install an air purifier, which is designed to eliminate harmful toxins.

4. Ditch candles

You may enjoy buying candles to achieve a cozy ambiance within your home; however, it's important to be aware of the health hazards they cause. While they may give off a nice smell and soothing glow, candles also leave dangerous pollutants such as formaldehyde and acrolein in the air. Black soot will also accumulate on walls and surfaces, which can leave your interior looking unclean and grimy. Candles are also one of the most common fire hazards. Therefore, battery candles would be a safer alternative.

5. Stop smoking

If you're a smoker, aim to kick the habit as soon as possible. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals and around 70 of those are proven to cause cancer. The home is where children, in particular, are exposed to second-hand smoke which may lead to respiratory conditions such as coughing, phlegm and asthma. Giving up smoking isn't a quick fix, so in the meantime, be sure to smoke outdoors and find ways to remove smoke and smells from the home to make it a cleaner living environment.

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