How to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home 

Since we are witnessing the rise in the price of real estate almost everywhere, and Australia is no exception, it doesn’t take a genius to recognise how important it is for you to get as much as possible for your home if you need or want to sell it now. Investments in your home in order to capitalise on its value are now more important and cost-effective than ever. So, what is it that you need to consider and do if you want to boost the resale value of your home?

Make room

If you have a non-structural wall that you don’t really need or a kitchen island that is not really necessary, make sure you remove them and open up the space. That will create a sense of flow in the house and make it look much more spacious. The price of knocking down such elements is insignificant in comparison with the amount that you can get for your open floor plan home. If you’re not sure that such projects will be worthwhile, you can always consult professional realtors, such as those from renowned White Square Properties.

Attend to your yard

We all know how important the first impression is. You want to give your home the best possible curb appeal and want potential buyers to fall in love with the house as soon as possible. Also, once they’ve toured the house, you want them to be delighted with what your backyard has to offer. In order to achieve these effects, you have to give landscape design the attention it deserves. Prune the trees and shrubs, so that your house look even prettier and that you avoid the risk of having a branch fall and cause damage.

Let there be light

Australia is famous as a place where there is a lot of sunshine and it would be unwise to miss out on the opportunity to waste this natural resource. Not only will your home look brighter, thus decreasing the need to use electricity to illuminate it, but you’ll also create a much more natural atmosphere. You can use skylights or sun tunnels or simply install larger windows to allow more natural light in. Also, don’t forget to fix any broken panes and make sure all your light fixtures are working before inviting any prospective buyers. Finally, consider installing motion detectors, which turn on the lights when you’re around, but switch them off once you’re gone.

Cover the basics

One of the things people often forget to address, being too focused on fancy upgrades is that all basic elements need to be fully functional. That means you should have no plumbing leaks, rusty gutters or a septic system that is not working properly. The investment in maintenance and repairs is beneficial for two reasons: you prevent much higher expenses that incur if you don’t address the problem immediately and you might lose a great opportunity to sell your home because of some trivial problem. Remember that only a house in pristine condition can be sold quickly and for the right price.

Be environment-friendly

People are obsessed with energy-efficiency and environment protection and it’s perfectly logical. No-one wants to waste natural resources and pay much more than they should because, for example, household appliances are consuming a lot of energy. Consider replacing your appliances with new, energy-efficient ones. You might get some money back in green tax credits, but you’ll certainly lower the utility bills, which could be a strong selling point, as well.

Choose neutral wall colours

You don’t want potential buyers to see chipped paint falling off anywhere inside and outside your home. That’s why you need to make sure you address this problem appropriately. If you have to apply a new coat of paint, opt for natural, neutral colours, since they are warmer and allow much more in terms of combinations.

As you can see, there are quite a few things you have to consider if you want to boost the resale value of your home, but every investment in home improvement in this situation is definitely worth making.

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