Help Your Grandparents Renovate Their Home


A house isn't just a place to live. It's also where people make wonderful memories as they go through life. When people get older, many would like to continue living in their own adored homes. At the same time, their physical needs have changed over time. A grandparent may have issues seeing or may need hearing aids. While physical problems may feel overwhelming, it is possible for many seniors to continue to live where they have lived for decades. A home renovation can provide them with the current housing they need. Minor changes to an existing home are often a much better choice. These can serve as an easy and low cost alternative to the huge bills posed by staying in a nursing home. Renovating a grandparent's house can also help increase the value of the home by bringing it up to date and more attractive to potential home buyers.

Working With Existing Infrastructure

Many older homes have lots of classic features that are highly valued by contemporary home buyers because they are made with great care and will last a long time. An older home may have thoughtful architectural elements in many areas of the home such as well crafted soffits and fascia that are part of an overall design plan such as craftsman home or a classical colonial. These are elements that should be kept in mind during any kind of renovation process for a grandparent's needs. Beautiful hardwood flooring and lovely glass door handles add tremendous character. They should be kept whenever possible and shown off. Look carefully at the home's details. Many quality items add lots of value to the home. If there are minor issues such as cracks, these should be repaired to remove any potential health hazard and make it easier for the senior to continue getting around.

Getting Between Floors

Seniors often have mobility issues that can make it hard for them to move even within their own homes. It's possible to address these issues with some minor changes that need not cost too much or involve changing the home's basic structure in some way. For example, stairs between floors can be hard on those with arthritis and other medical conditions often related to aging. One solution is to convert a room on one floor to a bedroom. Another solution is to make it possible for seniors to get to one floor to the next. It's easy to install a lift between floors so a grandparent can use the entire house. Many lifts fold easily against the wall and store out of sight when not in use. Other changes can be also made with ease and do not require the help of a skilled professional. A set of handrails can be attached along the staircase so a senior can grip them as they climb the stairs.

Universal Design Elements

Universal design is a useful ideal that makes it easy for everyone in the home to use it at the same time. This a process that aims to remove any barriers in the home. Many seniors live in homes with others who also have special needs such as small children. Universal design seeks to make it easy for everyone in the home to get all they need done there each day. For example, it's possible to install door handles that everyone can grasp even if they have problems with arm strength. Many areas of the home can be fitted out this way. For example, it's easy to put in shelving such as a lazy Susan that can be turned around so the user can get access to items they need to cook in every single cabinet. These little details are very easy to put in the home and remove later when up for sale. Every grandchild can show a grandparent how much they care about their living spaces.

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