Getting Started With Interior Decorating

If you are planning to undertake a decorating project, there are some things that you need to know. Whether you are designing your home for the first time or you are redecorating, getting the process right can be difficult and time consuming. Here are 4 tips to help you get started with decorating so that your project goes smoothly.

1. Take Photos

The first step before making any changes to your home should be to take photos. By taking photos of every inch of your space, you can get a better idea of how much space you have to work with as well as an idea of what you want to keep or get rid of. If your space is cluttered, consider removing unnecessary items and furniture so that you can get a clearer assessment. Make sure that you take the photos over several weeks or months before you get started. By allowing yourself time, you will be able to incorporate changes to your plan in the event that your tastes change as you take the photos.

2. Ask for Advice

Getting a friend or spouse to help you review your space before you start decorating can give you an additional perspective on how things should look once the job is completed. In addition, another person might be able to recommend suggestions that you might have not thought of yourself.

3. Where to Start

If you will be redesigning or designing several spaces, it is a good idea to start with a room that you will entertain guests in. By starting with this type of room, you can quickly see the results from your efforts as your guests arrive to congratulate you on the work that you've done and give you feedback. This can give you inspiration on how to deal with the other design work that needs to be done.

4. Design Your Project in Phases

By designing your project in phases, you can ensure that there are definite stopping points for your project so that you won't be left feeling unhappy with an unfinished project. In addition, the phases can allow you to review what you have already done so that you can change your plans for the remaining portions of the project, if necessary.

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