Garden Rooms – What A Lovely Addition to Your Home

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Garden rooms are an appealing and cost-effective option for creating extra space in your home. Garden rooms are usually created for making a home office, gym, playroom, teenage area, workshop, studio, or library, or for providing extra space for hobbies. Garden rooms are a perfect option for those who seek an affordable way to create some useful extra space, these rooms often do not require significant investment and there are garden rooms for most pockets. If you want to make good use of your space by including the garden area, then designing a garden room is the way to go. Garden rooms provide space for doing all kinds of activities and also provide extra privacy.

Why Do You Need A Garden Room?

Perhaps you want to start exercising regularly but you do not have enough privacy or space to do that in your bedroom or living room. Building a gym in your garden can solve this problem and then you can work out as much as you want without any interruptions or distractions. 

Having a gym in your garden is also good if you have children as they will be kept away from dangerous weights and other gym equipment. Also, some weights can damage the floor of your home, another reason to use them in a dedicated garden room.

Besides gyms, some people purchase garden rooms to use as office space. The pandemic means that many people are working from home where they will need a quiet room to fully focus on their work, a garden room is perfect for that purpose.

Garden rooms are also built for children to have an extra area where they can safely play. Some people do not have enough space at home for children to play, but with a garden room, this is easily solved.

Finally, garden rooms can be built for practicing specific hobbies or doing some particular work that requires privacy, such as photography, painting portraits, creating artwork, working on DJ sets, practicing drums, guitars or other things. All of this can be done easily and privately in a garden room.

Finding the Best Garden Room for Your Needs

After you establish the main reason why you want a garden room, the next step is to search for the ideal structure for your garden, consider your budget and start searching online. The garden room market is huge; there are all kinds of styles, shapes, materials, and prices to choose from, you will find some very sophisticated garden rooms as well as more humble options available to use for any purpose. You also need to think about the inside features that you would want the room to have. In any case, a garden room will certainly cost you less in comparison to building a structural extension to your home.

Another thing to look into before getting a garden room for your house is whether the local regulations allow building such a structure. Some counties have regulations that say that garden rooms should follow certain planning requirements. There are regulations on how big or small they should be, and for what purposes they can be built. It is always best to check with your local authority before making your purchase.

Designing a Perfect Garden Room

The garden room must complement the overall style of the house and the garden. To ensure you have the perfect design, check out the following.

Find the best spot for your garden room. They can be easily positioned on any surface that is dry and flat. However, a good thing to think about is the angle of how the room will be positioned towards the house. Avoid positioning the garden room in the only sunny spot in the garden, a better idea is to place it in a shadier area, without many plants and trees around. Also, you need to think about how much space to leave around the garden room, for easy access and possible repairs.

Make sure the room has ideal proportions for the reason you are building it. The room should be big enough to suit your needs, but not too large to overshadow your garden. You can better visualise the proportions if you do some marking in your garden to get an idea of how much space will it take.

Choose the correct building materials. The building materials should be of good quality so your garden room will last for a long time. Consider wall, floor, and ceiling thickness, insulation, glazing, and other important aspects.

Pick suitable glazing for the structure. The position, size, and shape of doors and windows should match the overall style of your home. The type of glazing you use largely depends on whether you will use the room regularly or from time to time. In general, summer rooms need just single glazing, but a year-round home office or gym needs double-glazing. You can consult professionals about this and they will advise you what is best, depending on the purpose of the garden room. 

Interior and exterior décor are two final things to consider when designing a perfect garden room. The garden room needs to reflect the style of your house, but it would also be nice if it were unique in some way. Consider things like what type of flooring to use as having quality flooring is a must to ensure longevity and durability, whether you will have shutters, curtains or blinds, also the type of furnishings you plan to put inside. Gardens tend to get wet, so you need to factor that in because you will have to go into your garden to reach the room. Also, consider heating and internet access, because you will certainly need them if you use the room as a home office. When it comes to the exterior details, some things that you will need to look into are the lighting and types of plants you plan to use around the room.

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