Furniture Hacks Which Make A Huge Difference


When you have a small home (or even just a small room), maximizing your space will always take priority. You may even be tasked with the bigger challenge of awkward shapes and corners within an already awkward-sized room.

What you really need is furniture which fits what you have, and luckily these days there are many space-saving and convertible furniture solutions that fit the bill.

Whether it’s a huge challenge like a wall space which needs to double as a fold-down bed or just a simple alcove that needs filling in the most practical way possible, there’s a hack for every need.

Be sure to shop around for items which better fit the space you have, rather than settling for something that doesn’t.

Drop Leaf Tables

This is a classic you should already be familiar with – and it’s such a practical design that you can’t go wrong with it. Most of us need a large table sometimes, whether it’s to double as a study station or whether it’s to serve the family a home-cooked meal, but with a large table comes the problem of where to put it and how to navigate around it.

With a drop leaf table, your worries can disappear as easily as the side panels. Just fold it down when you’re done with it and enjoy the extra space.

Stacking Chairs

With a great family comes great responsibility, and that means a whole lot of chairs; but if you can fold away your table easily for storage, why can the same not be said for seating?

By opting for stackable chairs instead of high-backed and heavy dining ones, you can easily store when feeding time is over.

This solution is even applicable to other rooms, maybe an office space or a busy living area.

Storage Beds

A bed purchase is probably one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. You need it to be comfortable and big enough, but you also need it to be practical and functional if you’re working with a small space.

You may have room for a bed, but not a bedding box for sheets and pillows, for example.

So wouldn’t it be handy if you could store all that under the mattress or in the wall when it’s not needed?

With wall-bed solutions, like the convertible Clei furniture range, you really can make the best out of your space.

Multi-Purpose Ottoman

These are great items because you can do so much with them – and they serve more than one purpose.

These comfy pieces of furniture can be used as:

  • Footrests

  • Extra seating

  • Storage

All at the same time.

They also come in such a huge range of colors and designs that there’ll always be one perfect for your space – and perfect for hiding that spare blanket or storing that remote control.

They’re usually super lightweight and easy to move around the room, too, which makes them an easy and important piece of furniture for any room.

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