Feng Shui Water Features

Installing a feng shui water feature in the front of the home is an excellent way to attract positive chi, prosperity and abundance in to your home. Here are 3 tips to make sure that your water feature is completely in alignment with the ancient art of feng shui.

1. Why Water is Important in Feng Shui

In the ancient practice of feng shui, water plays an important role. In fact, the translation of feng shui is "wind and water." Wind is a carrier of chi, which is the energy of life. Chi gathers near water. The importance of water is essential to understanding how the elements of feng shui interact with each other.

2. How to Place the Water Feature

Placing a water feature in front of a home is excellent for bringing good luck, prosperity and abundance into the home. The front of the home will activate and maintain positive chi which makes it simple for the chi to enter into the home. The flowing of the water of the feature will help to reactivate chi that is stagnant. In addition, a yang energy will be produced and balance will be restored to the area. In order to do this, the water must always flow towards the house. Water that flows away from the house will increase financial problems or result in a lost of wealth. The water fountain should also be placed near the main entrance of the home.

3. Selecting a Material for the Water Feature

Water features are available in many different styles. In feng shui water feature design, a material must be chosen that will not block the flow of water with a destructive style. Some common options are metal that holds water, water that nourishes wood, earth that stops or dams water. Materials that can be selected for feng shui include metal, ceramic, concrete, rock, stone, wood and resin.

Installing a water feature that brings you wealth, abundance and prosperity is all about respecting the five elements of feng shui in your design. Consulting a professional feng shui expert could provide some great insight in this situation.

If you need help with selecting and building a feng shui water feature for your home, a qualified feng shui home designer can help. Click here to request free quotes today.

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