3 Useful Features of Smart Window Blinds


These days, more are using the benefits of smart technology when renovating their homes. Connection to the internet adds speed and efficiency to smart home devices. Smart tech such as automated lighting and front door cameras provide a convenience that homeowners simply didn’t have years ago.

You may not know some of the helpful features that smart home technology also provides for smart window treatment. Automated windows with built-in blinds and a connection to digital apps are just a couple of ways that make smart window treatment highly beneficial. Here are three useful features of smart window blinds that every homeowner should look into.

  1. Voice Commands With Virtual Assistant AI

You’ve probably heard of tech such as Google Home or Amazon Echo These are virtual home AI assistants which use voice technology to help with a variety of daily tasks. Using voice activation, you can have them do everything from playing specific songs to setting events on a calendar.

These tasks are done by using simple voice commands. Virtual assistant AIs are programmed to understand natural language commands from the user. You can use these assistant AIs to perform duties or ask them questions such as how to find the nearest hardware store. They then respond with solutions and are better synthesized to your voice.

Smart window treatment gives you the option of connecting to these virtual assistant AIs. If you have compatible smart window blinds, you can use virtual assistant AI home systems to raise or lower your smart window blinds with voice commands. Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other virtual home AI assistants provide the ease of voice technology that makes smart window blinds a useful option.

  1. Automated Blinds Lower Energy Cost

Automated blinds are another beneficial feature of smart window treatment. These types of smart blinds--some of which can be controlled from your home Wi-Fi--often come with environmental sensors.

Homeowners can program smart blinds to be raised or lowered based on the temperature, UV rays, and other weather factors. Smart blinds also can be programmed to close when a specific temperature is reached. This will then alter the amount of natural light in specific homes in your room, leading to less heat loss and a lower cost on your energy bill.

Some smart window treatments for blinds are automated motors that you can attach to your existing blinds. Others are entirely new smart blinds that you’ll need to purchase and install. If you decide on these automated blinds, ensure that you make specific measurements before getting your automated blinds installed.

  1. Geofencing Technology Adds Convenience

Like all homeowners, sometimes we want some privacy. When it comes to window treatments, our style selection may vary. But whether they’re curtains, shades, or blinds, maintaining that option of privacy is critical. This comfort is important whether one is in or out of the home.

Smart blinds give homeowners the convenient option of geofencing technology. This tech essentially means that smart window blinds will automatically raise or lower based on your location. Did you leave the house in a hurry and forget to lower your living room blinds? Not a problem: geofencing tech will lower your blinds, so you don’t have to worry about strangers looking into your home while you’re gone.

Geofencing technology can also sense your location when coming home. If you wish for your blinds to be automatically raised when you enter the house, you can program this preference into your geofencing tech. This convenience is a factor that homeowners can surely appreciate.

Smart technology is being installed in more homes, and it’s easy to see why. With their efficiency and ease of use, smart home devices provide a level of functionality and customization that is unmatched. With smart blinds, your window treatment can have these useful features as well.   

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