How is Face Recognition Technology Helping out Academic Departments? 


The development of the age has reached the point that apart from all other businesses, now educational sectors are also starting to grow according to modern technologies. The academic departments are always the main concern of all governments for the betterment of the institutions as well as students. But, somehow some queries regarding the identity of students while giving admissions, marking the class attendances, a lazy behavior of students while attending class, the arrival of strangers in the space of institution except students, staff and workers are seen, So, to cope up with all these consequences, face recognition technology is introduced. 

What is Online Face Verification?

The low budget and common mechanism to perform biometric verification are called face verification solutions. Which provides its support to recognize an identity of an individual by in-depth facial analysis. Thus, this process of verifying an entity is not only restricted in academics it is also creeping into many businesses. Moreover, all organizations are enjoying the practice of face recognition SaaS, because it has to accommodate their working strategies and on the other side, it is working against the misused data. Though this debate goes, a mandatory process to fight against the crimes or illicit breaches of personal credentials, this advanced technology is widely practiced and adopted by multiple departments, especially now in educational institutions.

Wonders of Face Recognition Solution in Academic Institutions

Verification of face is very beneficial for all educational institutions and supports them in capturing all fake students who take admissions online on another person’s identity. It helps to secure the environment of an authoritative organization from fraudsters who are trying to come into a system and steal personal credentials. Furthermore, this technology is enhanced and molding the educational departments in the following ways;

Observing the Behavior of Students In Class 

To mark the attendance of the students while entering the class face verification is playing its vivid role. It supports the class teachers in analyzing the attendance of the students at the end of the month and it is convenient for them, that now they are not supposed to call the names of the students, the students will just show their faces to the camera and their attendance will be marked. Moreover, not only for marking attendance but this facial recognition SaaS is also striving hard in examining the behavior and facial expressions of the students in class whether they are listening to the lecture attentively or just passing the time in class. The main role is artificial intelligence in it, supporting this technology and making it capable of understanding such facial expressions and making impossible things possible by reading the faces of the students.

Restrict Unauthorized Persons

Online Face Verification is not only bound to detect the identities of students, but it also works hard in authenticating the staff of the institution as well the unauthorized persons that are not registered by the systems. This is a  will of an organization to whom they will permit to enter, so the persons that are not registered are not allowed to come into the system, this will help out the authorities to secure their surroundings from illicit individuals who will perform scams and damage their systems. Moreover, whenever any kind of premises would be arranged in an institution the facial recognition technology will help them in recognizing that is it the same person who is allowed to enter in an event or not, if the person is not the same then he would not be allowed to enter.

How to Eliminate Identity Risks

To cope up with all consequences regarding the false identities and unauthorized entities entering a system, the best solution is to face a verification solution. It has several steps that will tell that how facial recognition  works to detect the entries in a system, they are as;

  • First, the face verification software perform 3D liveness detection which analyzes the liveness of a person in depth

  • Then secondly, the deep observation is performed on the microexpressions of an authorized entity, which will help to examine the person by his blinking of an eye, smile and full crossmatch of the face is performed

  • In third, the efficient artificial intelligence mapping techniques are implemented fully to support the system in investigating a face, cross-match it and provide accurate results

Benefits of Facial Recognition

After a whole conversation yet, it is already clear that face authentication is a need of an hour and fulfilling its all responsibilities in authenticating a genuine individuality, so that is a reason that it can be said that there are countless advantages of face verification solution, some are such as;

  • It provides strong authentication within realtime

  • No stuffing of credentials can be seen in it

  • It enhances the experience of end-user 

  • Boots up the productivity of all institutions

  • Saves an organization from unauthorized entities

Summing It Up

In a nutshell, it is assumed that face verification is a necessity of the current age, which helps in recognizing the fake entities and prevents all departments including academics from being very proficient. It maintains the reputation of those sectors that are practicing such software for the security of the personal sensitive data of the authorities.    

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