2021 Home Trends Based on COVID-19 Home Remodeling Data


In 2020 kitchens became classrooms, bedrooms became home-gyms, and living rooms became offices. If you weren’t taking advantage of the shockingly low mortgage rates, you were probably making upgrades to at least one room in your home. Multi-functional spaces were reimagined in a world where staying at home was the norm. Home remodeling and redecorating was on nearly everyone’s to-do list, and the lines at Home Depot wrapped around the building. 

So what were the biggest home renovation trends amidst a pandemic? 

  • Kitchens — people are doing away with all white and stepping into green cabinetry and moody design.

  • Basements — multi-function faceted every corner, basements are now two to three rooms in one.

  • Bathrooms — trendsetters are looking for a relaxing retreat to maximize alone time.

  • Home offices — businesses have shut their doors, but many have just redefined what a 9-5 means.

  • Garages — gyms and space for hobbies helped people cope and create proper work-life balances.

  • Bedrooms — people began getting rid of the barn door trend and stepping into linen fabrics and other natural tones for their rooms. 

  • Backyards — as many of our once-favorited spaces became unavailable, people looked for ways to expand their spaces, and a lot of times, that meant outback. 

These trends aren’t going anywhere in 2021. In reality, they’ve spurred the design trends we’re already seeing around the globe. Japandi, green kitchens, and grandmillennial have made waves in design blogs. Ceramics and soft shapes give a comforting feel at home while looking sleek and modern. Floral patterns and indoor-outdoor design warrant life in small spaces and clean the air to improve more time spent indoors.

It’s time to embrace the new normal, and love where you live. Whether you jump on the trends or create your own, it’s sure to bring life into your home. Avoid mishaps, and schedule a contractor the first time to wire, demo, and plumb your way into the future. 


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