Benefits of Application of Venetian Plaster


Every homeowner wants their indoor walls to be lustrous and textured. The interior décor of the house reflects the taste and personality of the owner. Many of them try hard to enhance the beauty of the indoors. If you are thinking how to make the interiors of your house look aesthetically beautiful, then go for Venetian plaster application. Once that was used long back in Egypt, Italy and Venice have found a new foothold in this modern world and are is replacing other methods. Several benefits are there using Venetian plaster and let us discuss some of them.

The Benefits of Using Venetian Plaster Application

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide - Venetian plaster application helps the indoors to keep away from carbon dioxide. Since these types of plasters are made by mixing fired limestone with water and then applied as putty on the wall, it becomes nothing but the creation of lime plaster. As the putty is used on the walls and the ceilings, it absorbs the carbon dioxide from the surrounding air. The layer of plaster after absorbing carbon dioxide from the air turns to limestone, making a stronger wall. The poisonous gas becomes less in the indoors.

Helps to Control Humidity – Although the putty used in Venetian plaster application on the walls turns hard over time, it still can breathe air through it. It helps the moisture to escape from the underlying layers keeping the house less humid and much cooler. They will again dry over time and prevent moisture from being trapped. 

Prevents Mildew and Molds - Since Venetian plaster application putty is lime-based, it has basic characteristics. The PH level is high, and the plaster becomes a natural antifungal method of treating the walls against mildew and molds. Unlike other alternative substances, Venetian plasters do not allow the formation of fungus on the walls for a long time and keep the walls free from maintenance.

No Bad Smell - Unlike the paints that one usually applies on the walls, if Venetian plaster application is used, the indoors remain odorless.  They do not smell foul, and one does not need to wait for days for the bad smell to go away before using the coated area. The usual paints are made from a mixture of various chemicals. But the Venetian plasters are made from the ingredients that Mother Nature has gifted to us, and it is only a mixture of natural lime and marble dust.

Easy to Maintain – The surface hat has been made smooth with Venetian plaster application can be cleaned easily. Only wiping the surface with a damp cloth is enough to clean the plastered area. Any dents or scuffs can be removed using mineral wool. Hence, the maintenance is smooth and not at all a costly affair unlike other wall applications.

Free from Toxins - Normal paints made from chemicals contain VOC or volatile organic compounds. They are toxic and posse’s health threats for many. However, one can stay healthy without any worries and breathe non-toxic air with Venetian plaster.

Long-Lasting and Durable –This type of wall plastering is often referred to as “lifetime finish.” They are durable. Since the plaster hardens over time, cracks are rare to occur. They do not shrink like other cement finish. Although the initial cost of application is more than normal plastering and painting, it pays off in the long run. 

It is time to embrace the age-old technology of making the wall smooth and durable. Venetian plaster application is making inroads rapidly and replacing the other alternatives available in the market. It is not only sustainable but also beneficial to health and pocket-friendly in the long run. Make your indoors user-friendly without compromising the aesthetics.