Bedroom Interior Design: How to Improve It with Area Rugs


Anyone who has ever stepped out of their bed in the morning only to touch the floor that feels like a polar ice block, clearly understands why having a bedroom area rug is a must. Not only does it give a warm welcome to your chilly toes every morning, but it also adds tons of character and personality to your bedroom. The following tips will help you choose the perfect rug for your bedroom that will tie in with your existing décor and instantly cosy up your bedroom retreat. 

Pick the right size

If you have a standard bed with a headboard against the wall, you should have about 36 inches of free movement space on all sides and within that space, you can measure out where you can place your new rug. 

Layout newspaper strips or masking tape in place or consult a rug placement and size guide to find the perfect fit. The best-sized rug should extend 2 feet beyond your bed’s edge so there’s plenty of room for your warm slippers when you get out of bed. Also, give it another foot in length if you have a bench at the end of your bed.

In small bedrooms where ample space is a luxury, it’s desirable for your bed legs at the footboard to reach the rug, unless you choose to have only runner rugs at the sides. Runners can be very effective and visually intriguing and they cost less as you’re only paying for the material you can see. If you have a large bedroom with a vanity table, a desk and a seating area, you can use several area rugs to define those spaces. As the people behind this bachelor of arts degree in interior design explain, spaces should convey messages, emotions and meaning.

Choose the right style

Choosing your bedroom rug style will largely depend on your personal taste and preference. Bear in mind that your bedroom is your sanctuary, a serene spot that doesn't take much foot traffic so you can freely focus on an upscale piece that is both luxurious and comfortable. This is the moment to splurge on a fluffy, soft faux sheepskin or silky rug!

If you’re set on getting a bigger rug, go neutral because a giant rug can look quite awkward in a bedroom. Look around your bedroom and base your decision on a rug that will go well with your bedding, nightstands and bed frame. If the dominant colours are soft and solid, you can then choose a livelier pattern and bolder shades.

Smaller rugs are especially effective in stronger colours. In small bedrooms, striped rugs work really well as they elongate the room and give it more visual interest. If you have lots of details in your bedroom, such as artwork, lamps and printed comforters, a solid low-pile wool rug can be a perfect solution. 

Decide on the appropriate material

In addition to styles and colours, area rugs also come in a wide range of materials. For instance, sisal rugs are a great choice for rooms that are frequently used as their natural fibre makes them coarser and more durable. 

Silk and viscose look amazing and add shimmer and sparkle to your bedroom but if you have pets who sleep in your room, then that’s not the best choice. In that case, avoid absorbent rugs and those that have loops that’ll get stuck on claws easily. 

Wool and polypropylene rugs are very easy to clean, don’t slip and are extremely durable. Also, nylon, polyester and cotton are quite durable and you won’t have to replace them often. One thing you should bear in mind for all types of rugs is protection from the sun that causes fading. Either be careful when choosing the rug material or make sure you close the blinds during the day.

Accessorize later

Getting a rug is probably the easiest and quickest way to give a room a homier vibe. When you’re furnishing your bedroom, it’s best you purchase the rug first before other accessories. In this way, you can coordinate your décor with the rug that can tie in all the elements together. If you go the other way round and buy all the covers and throws first, you may end up spending months in search of a perfect rug that matches your existing décor. 

Decorating your bedroom with rugs offers a great opportunity to create a space that is appealing and welcoming. In addition to many benefits that rugs provide, warmth and comfort that you feel as soon as you get out of your bed in the morning will surely justify all the effort and expenses you had to make. 

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