Be Smart About Home Maintenance with These Smart Devices


Home maintenance is more than spackling a wall or mowing the lawn; it’s about getting it to function in a way that is efficient and cost effective inside and out. You need to consider things such as energy saving appliances, temperature control, and water conservation. It’s also a lot of work that requires your constant attention. One way to maintain and improve the way your home functions and alleviate the stress associated with it is with smart gadgets. From thermostats to security cameras the Smart Home Automation Blog’s list of the Best Smart Devices will help your home operate a lot better with a lot less work- indoors and out.


Temperature Control: ecobee3 Smarter Wi-Fi Thermostat

The temperature of your home is important because not only does it keep everyone comfortable and healthy, it also keeps your home operating at an optimal level. Drafts from cracks in the wall or condensation from too much steam, for example, can cause flooring to warp or ice to form around widows; which in turn puts a strain on your heating system and causes your house to use more energy than necessary. In addition, improper air circulation can promote the growth of harmful bacteria and allergens, which can harm your family.

A great way to prevent that from happening is with the ecobee 3 thermostat. This ingenious device has sensors you can place in multiple rooms, so you can detect issues and maintain separate temperatures in every room. So, if there’s a room you don’t use much you can conserve and turn the heat down in the winter or if there’s a draft you can find and eliminate it.

It’s also easy to use, with a touchscreen enabled base that you can use to schedule the air conditioning, see the weather and more. It is a bit pricey but well worth it because it can keep the air quality pure and ensure your home’s energy is used correctly, saving you time and money in the long run.

Top to Bottom Control: Amazon Echo

At first glance a smart speaker like the Echo doesn’t seem like the type of gadget to aid with home maintenance, but it is. To start, you can use Alexa, the Echo’s virtual assistant, to schedule tasks and reminders, such as when to mow the lawn. This keeps you on a schedule and helps you not to forget important jobs, such as getting the furnace cleaned.

More importantly, you can use it to control other smart devices such as smart lightbulbs and thermostats. You can have Alexa turn off the lights when you’re not home or turn on the air conditioner right before you get home from work, optimizing energy efficiency.

Feed Your Family & Your Home: Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Part of maintaining a home is using appliances that not only conserve energy but help streamline how your home works, which is why we recommend Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator line. Featuring 3 different styles of refrigerators, each is Wi-Fi connected for the ultimate in efficiency.

You can use their app and the cameras inside the refrigerator to see what you need while at the supermarket, make a shopping list or get dinner suggestions based on what you already have. Even better, thanks to a state-of-the-art cooling system and metal interior you can control the temperature for different compartments, keeping food fresher, longer. An expensive appliance, but one that is more than worth it.


Every Day’s a Rainy Day: Blossom Smart Watering Controller

When it comes to your outdoor space, keeping your lawn and yard healthy depends on several things, one being proper watering. Which is why the Blossom Watering System is so important. It ensures that your lawn gets watered regularly, without wasting or over-watering. The system can be used to schedule the times and days your grass gets watered as well as what areas or zones you want done. It will also take current weather data to help you create an efficient schedule and not water on days when it’s going to rain. It makes the whole process more efficient and frees up some of your time.

Craftsman Smart Lawn Connected Kit

To keep your lawn neat and trim you need to keep your lawn tools in tip-top shape; and the Craftsman Smart Lawn Kit can help you do that. This kit can be plugged into several models of Craftsman lawn mower to diagnose and keep it running properly. You can use the app to find out when the mower needs to change the oil or air filters, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring you get the most out of it.

Cut Down on Work- WORX Landroid

For many homeowners one of the most dreaded jobs is mowing the lawn; but now with the Landroid from WORX. This mini mower can trim your lawn every day if you want it to. All you need to do is set up a perimeter wire, put it in it’s docking/charging station and it’s ready to go. Set up a schedule and it will leave the dock, mow the lawn and return to recharge. It can run when you are home or away, freeing you to do other chores and keeping the grass short and healthy.

Protect What You Love- Nest Cam

Keep your home and the people in it safe indoors and out with the Nest Cam. This security camera can be hooked up to your phone, so you can see and hear what’s happening in real time no matter where you are. It has night vision, motion detectors, and alerts to let you know when there’s any type of suspicious activity. It gives you peace of mind and helps you protect what matters most.

I hope our list of smart devices helps you to be smart about home maintenance. These gadgets can make things easier for you and have your home running great in no time.

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