8 Cool Living Room Additions to Consider


Are you in the process of remodeling your living room? Do you want to add value to your home, regardless of whether you intend to sell or not? Perhaps you just want to spiff things up for yourself and your family. There are a host of innovative and budget-friendly changes you can make to set the interior design bar high. Here are eight cool additions you can make to your home that you and your whole family will enjoy:

Add a cozy reading nook

Draw the eyes--and the reading specs---to this cozy little nook. A window seat can be used for reading, relaxing, or even doing homework in a fun and calm environment. Pair a cozy seat cushion with plush pillows for added comfort and visual appeal.

Lower the whole room

Nothing screams intimate conversation more than a fire pit. This design is all pit, no fire as you lower a whole section of seating area to include perimeter seating, cozy throws, and other intimate conversation pieces that will have guests at ease and family members enjoying some together time.

Store your personal library under the stairs

Aesthetically pleasing and functional--adding this stylish yet practical bookcase that displays all of your written treasures in one stylish and convenient place. Maintain a clean living space while showing off your intellectual prowess--this definitely adds character to your living room.

More under-stairs storage ideas

Do you need a place for all of your kids' shoes and outerwear? How about an innovative wine cellar with glass doors displaying your collection? What about carving out that space and shaping a cozy book nook or conversation corner? Whatever your use for the space, it is bound to lend a unique look and feel to your home.

Consider a fireplace

Do you love the look of a fireplace, but hate the idea of messy wood, ash, and soot entering your home? Consider putting in a gas log fireplace to spruce up your coziest nook or a small electric fireplace. Gather friends and family around the fireplace for cocktails, stories, and games as you connect and enjoy each other.

Vacuum baseboards

Moms everywhere, rejoice! Take your housework to the next level of convenience by installing a home vacuum system into the baseboards. Sweep and collect all of those unsavory carpet or hardwood floor items and whisk them away, never to be seen again. This means more time for you and leisure activities that you choose.

Open floor design

If you have a standard American house built between the 50's and the 90's, you'll no doubt have a wall in between your living space and your kitchen. Raise the value of your home and improve the ambiance and spacious feel of your living room/kitchen area by removing that wall and aligning your interior design scheme to give a high traffic area pizazz. This large, open space is perfect for weekend lounging or night time entertaining.

Install an in-wall aquarium

Are you a fish fan? Do the presence of your beautiful aquatic friends calm you and add beauty to your life? Make your aquarium into a stunning conversation piece by installing it into a backlit wall. Not only will it brighten that area of the room, but it will also add aesthetic depth and beauty to your living room and allow you to manage your stress just by viewing your beautiful aquatic scene.

Whether you choose to add something small, like texture on a wall, or you choose to embark on a larger project when remodeling, take pride in the fact that you are creating something more beautiful and more valuable for yourself and others; enjoy the fruits of your labor with family and friends--these are the true joys in life. Happy planning!

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