6 Successful House Cleaning Hacks for Extremely Busy People


We all like to live in a clean and tided-up space. However, our business and family commitments leave little time for cleaning sprees. We can all agree that a Sunday afternoon is there for rest, not for mopping the floors. That is why you basically need to “hack” the cleaning process if you wish to live in a spruced-up home. Extremely busy people can make good use of the following 6 house cleaning methods that will save them valuable time.

A Pleasant-Smelling Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the hardest room to keep clean. All the food leftovers that end up in the drain of the sink pile up over time and they have the potential to clog the pipes. If you manage to avoid the flooding scenario, then unpleasant odors are bound to spread all over the house. That is why a homemade cleaner can be used to freshen up the sink. Mix vinegar or baking soda with lemon juice and pour the mixture down the drain. After you rinse it down with distilled water the kitchen sink should be clean and more importantly, odorless.

Filtering the Image

Another neat hack that you have probably never thought of is reusing coffee filters. They can be used to clean TV and computer screens as they are anti-static in nature. This means that coffee filters will catch all the dust that had been accumulating on the screen for months. Furthermore, they will help you with that pesky static cling without leaving fiber behind as a normal cloth would. Because of the material the filters are made from, they are highly durable and they won’t tear apart. Furthermore, they are gentle enough not to damage the surface of the screen. How cool is that!

Back to School

Remember how the school eraser was an excellent tool to clean the walls you have drawn something on as a child? Well, you can benefit from a different kind of an eraser as a grownup too. Magic erasers that are made for household cleanup are ideal for cleaning window sills. They instantly remove all the dirt and grime that would normally be inaccessible to you. What is more, you don’t have to swipe several times as you would using a wet cloth.

Regular Cleaning Sprees

Like we stated in the introduction, the lack of free time is the biggest hindrance for busy people to keep their house clean. You might get one weekend off during an entire month but the cleanup needs to be carried on a weekly or fortnightly basis. This is where professional cleaning crews like Simply Spotless Cleaning come into play. You should use their services because they will clean the entire house in a matter of hours for a reasonable fee, saving you precious time that you can use to spend with your family of finish a business project.

Where Vacuum Cleaners Cannot Reach

We all know how hard it is to reach every nook and cranny in the house using a vacuum cleaner. Sometimes not even the extensions provided by the manufacturer are enough to reach the area begins the door or under the coffee table. In order not to lose tens of minutes trying to reach these hard-to-access spots, there is a simple hack you can use. Just put a cloth over the tip of the broom handle and secure it with a rubber band. This way, you will easily reach any spot in the house, including the floors and the corners of the ceiling if you need to remove a cobweb.

Getting Rid of Pet Hair

Pet owners find it the hardest to keep their homes clean. No matter how hard and how many times they scrub the furniture, there is always going to be cat or dog hair all over it. This is perfectly normal, especially in the summer when animals shed their fur in order to stay cool. However, removing these fur balls can prove to be too much of a challenge unless you use the rubber gloves hack. Put them on, soak them in water and gently go over the surface you want to clean. The friction in combination with water will produce the marvelous result that all hairs stick instantly to your hand. 

The 6 cleaning hacks we have listed here are the ideal stimuli for your imagination. Once you realize that each and every cleaning process has a shortcut, you will start discovering new hacks to speed up the cleanup. Furthermore, you have probably realized that most of our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and homemade so you will not only save money but time as well.

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