6 Smart Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom


Having a modern and luxurious bathroom is no longer an impossible dream. You can give your old and tired bathroom a makeover without spending a ton of money. 

If you’re sick and tired of your outdated bathroom and you think there is no solution for it – you’re sorely mistaken. You don’t have to move houses in order to have the bathroom of your dreams. 

All you have to do is follow these couple of smart tips that can give your current bathroom a facelift. 

  1. Change fixtures

The easiest way of updating any bathroom is by changing all the fixtures in it – both light fixtures and faucets. Updating hardware such as cabinet and drawer pulls and towel racks and even shower heads is also a good idea. 

This might seem like a small feat but it will have a huge impact on the overall look of your bathroom. At first, changing all of these items will look like an expensive venture, but keep in mind that you don’t have to buy everything brand new. You can DIY some of the items such as towel racks, or you can paint over the drawer pulls.


  1. Give it a fresh coat of paint

Refreshing your outdated bathroom with a fresh coat of paint might just be what your bathroom needs. 

Nowadays, you can basically paint over everything and you’ll see a huge difference. Start by painting the walls of your bathroom – just keep in mind that smaller bathrooms look better with brighter colours!

Then consider painting over your cabinets and vanity. You don’t have to buy a new vanity - all you have to do is give it a bit of TLC and your vanity makeover will be a success. Refresh it with a lick of paint, and voila! 

  1. Consider installing a bidet

Nothing says luxurious more than a bidet in your bathroom. Apart from modernizing your bathroom with this ingenious contraption, you will see all the benefits bidets bring. 

It’s believed that bidets can offer many health benefits such as better hygiene and skincare, and even some environmental benefits too. 

By installing a bidet, you are also investing in a new toilet seat. If you aren’t sure of what kind of bidet you want to go for, this bidet buying guide can help you figure out the best options for your bathroom.

  1. Decluttering and organization

Another effective way of modernizing your bathroom is by giving it a deep clean and good decluttering. Get rid of all unnecessary things such as empty containers and packaging, then clean all of your storage surfaces and invest in some organizational products.

These products can be drawer dividers, containers, and bins. This way you will have everything organized inside your drawers and it will be easier to clean it. Plus, your counter space will be clean and clutter-free. 

If by any chance you don’t own cabinets, think about installing shelves. These shelves can be wooden or glass, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

  1. Change the mirror 

Changing the mirror is another easy fix that can make a world of difference in your bathroom. Get rid of that old medicine cabinet that ruins the whole vibe of your bathroom. Choose different shapes and sleeker versions of mirrors. Those new elegant mirrors, when paired with the right kind of lighting, will instantly make your old bathroom shine brighter and seem more luxurious.

  1. Swap those old mats and rugs for new ones

Once more a super simple way of freshening up your bathroom space – change the floor mats and rugs.

Nothing says an outdated bathroom like an old and dirty bathroom rug. That’s why you should throw that old one out and find a new one that will brighten up your bathroom. Apart from being a nice and stylish touch to your bathroom, rugs will also protect your feet from cold, slippery tiles. So, when choosing the right bath rug have in mind both style and functionality!


As you can see it doesn’t take much to modernize your bathroom and make it sleeker and more elegant. Just by changing a couple of simple items like rugs or lighting fixtures you can make a great change in the way your bathroom looks and feels.

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