6 Essentials Every Great Bedroom Needs

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A bedroom is a place of peace and relaxation and it should always be decorated with things that soothe you and make you feel at home. However, a little inspiration is never a bad thing, especially if you love to be up-to-date with popular interior design trends. So, if you want to give your bedroom a little makeover, here are six essential decor tips every great bedroom needs.

Add texture

If you want your bedroom to be trendy and thought-out, don’t forget to introduce some texture into it. Think decorative pillows, bed throws and rugs. For instance, a rich faux fur or sheepskin rug will give your bedroom a textured and warm look. If this doesn’t fit your overall style, you can opt for velvety pillows or curtains. If you combine these textures with brass details and deep hues, you will end up with a modern and trendy bedroom fit for a magazine cover.

Metallic bling

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Every modern and chic room needs some bling, and the same goes for your bedroom. Interior decorators are using every metal they can get their hands on, from cool silvery ones to warm gold and copper. However, don’t go all-in with metals. A bit of bling goes a long way, so make sure to use it sparingly. Get metallic bedside lamps, curtain rods, art pieces or picture frames and don’t be scared to mix metals.

Interesting wall treatment

If you think wallpapers are a thing of past, think again. Wallpapers are coming back, better and stronger than ever, with a wide variety of designs, patterns, colors and textures. One thing that’s especially great about wallpapers is that they are perfect for rental spaces, since they can be easily put up and removed if your landlord has a strict no-home-renovations policy. However, if you have a place of your own and don’t really feel attracted to wallpapers, you can always refresh your space with some paint. Bold and dark colors have been all the rage for the past few years and they continue to go strong today. Opt for deep and soothing colors like navy or indigo blue, dark gray and rich chocolate. These are all subdued and relaxing colors that will create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom perfect for sweet dreams.

Ample and smart storage

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If you can afford to have only one room in your home completely clutter-free, make it your bedroom. This means putting everything (except decoration of course) out of sight. If you need more storage, you can invest in decorative storage containers such as wicker baskets or vintage trunks, and improve your closet space with hanging hooks and railings. If you have space, you can also consider putting up some double-duty furniture, like an ottoman with built-in storage that will provide you with extra storage and seating.

Good lighting

Most people want their bedroom to be cozy and soothing for sleeping, but you sometimes need ample light for other bedroom tasks. The best way to have both is to employ good lighting that will easily and quickly transform your bedroom. For a more romantic atmosphere, it’s best to use table and standing lights or smaller wall sconces. Some of them come with a dimmer, but it can also be installed on practically any light switch. However, when you want your bedroom to feel airy and bright, there’s nothing better than natural light. Big windows with light window treatment should provide you with ample sunlight. However, if you don’t have an opportunity to install big windows, tubular skylights will come in very handy and illuminate your space with as much sunlight as you need.

High-quality mattress

Aside with all the decoration and aesthetics, the bed is and will always be the most important part of every bedroom. So, don’t hesitate to splurge on a high-quality mattress and pillow that will provide you with ample back and neck support. Your health and quality of sleep should always come first.

Once you’re finished with your renovation, you’ll most likely never want to leave your new bedroom. There will be no more getting up on the wrong side of the bed.

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