5 Striking Granny Flat Designs to Jumpstart Your Project


Granny flats predominantly have practical uses and they also pose a great investment opportunity. Regardless of your reasons for putting money into it, you want to make the most bang for your buck. Well, granny flats are evolving rapidly and encompassing features we do not typically associate with elderly lifestyle. Today, they represent stylish, fully-equipped mini-homes. In the wake of these changes, family life is undergoing a shake-up as well. So, draw inspiration from these stunning design examples and nail your own renovation or building project.

Cottage style flat

A cottage-style granny flat hits close to home for many elderly people. Here, right at the first glance, we see the smart use of space and surrounding environment at work. Snuggled up by greenery, the building is simple and unassuming. The main selling point is a floor plan with a multi-purpose outdoor deck. It is integrated with an indoor area, accommodates various outdoor activities, and acts as one of the most beloved features.

Minimalist haven

A minimalist, modern shelter can be utterly inviting for retirees. A modern color palette enthralls with a lot of grays and white, while stained timber slats nicely complement the contemporary edge, infusing it with a bit of organic charm. The landscaped garden surrounds the main building and provides a soothing backdrop. There is also an incorporated car port that attracts renters. Taking a peek inside, we see a clean and uncluttered white environment beckoning us.

Raised bush retreat

This lovely building sits on a slope and sports two large decks for sun-soaked pastime. Australian bush setting works wonders for the appeal of the unique granny flat. Light blue and whites fit perfectly and round up a steal-worthy design concept. Just note that due to difficult terrain, this type of a granny flat faces you with a challenging construction task. Thus, it is best to opt for seasoned professionals, such as these reputable granny flat builders from Sydney.  

A modular home

In recent years, a prefabricated modular design has been a design trend making big waves in the construction industry. It can help you build your granny flat faster and cost-effectively. I would point out to Shoreham modular design, which borrows from secondary dwelling and small home concepts. It is on the larger side as far as most granny flats go. Hence, this solution is perfect for people who like to entertain guests and function independently well into the old age.

A garage hideaway

This design option is not the most luxurious one, but it is neat in the context. The L-shaped floor plan is practically wrapped around a garage in the backyard. There are whimsical custom details, most notably a hatch window from a Porsche acting as a front door awning. Interior is also full of amazing details like the fire engine red kitchen cabinet. When it comes to utility, sturdy insulation and soundproofing ensure energy-efficiency, privacy, and comfort.  

Make the magic happen

Granny flats have evolved past those cramped and outdated afterthoughts that started it all. Architects and designers are creatively responding to shifting needs of families and elderly population. So, you are not restricted to standard design by any means. Take a look at some of the best-looking granny flats from around the internet.  Visualize how they would fit your property and meet the needs and expectations of its occupants. It is time to get your creative juices flowing and put together a picture-perfect, self-contained abode.


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