5 Key Questions to Ask Your Commercial Painter


No matter what industry you’re in, there’s no substitute for a strategically-developed business plan. And an important part of creating a good business plan is designing welcoming and attractive premises that are going to help you sell your products. In order to achieve this, you have to find a good commercial painter who’s going to make sure your walls look amazing. Still, you can’t just go and hire the first commercial painter you come across. That’s why we made a list of five key questions that can help you figure out whether you’re choosing a quality commercial painting company.

How experienced are you?

One of the things you should learn more about before you start is your commercial painter’s background. First of all, you should find out for how long they have been in the business. If you end up hiring inexperienced painters, chances are you’ll need to have the project redone quite soon. It’s also a good idea to ask your painter how many jobs they have completed in their time as painters. If they’ve done some work in your area, you can always check it out before you make any final decision. So, if both you and your painter are based in Sydney, taking a closer look at their previous work will be a real piece of cake.

What type of repairs will be included?

Usually, when painting, surface preparation will be necessary in order to get the job done properly. However, some commercial painters include this in their price while other charge it as an extra service. In order to avoid confusion, you should talk to your commercial painters and have them tell you exactly which repairs should be made and how the billing will be handled. It’s always recommended that you agree on the final price of their service before the project starts. Just bear in mind that some extra costs may come up in the process.

How long will you take to complete the work?

When tackling a project like this, it very important that you know exactly when all the work will be completed. Ask your commercial painter this question and you’ll be able to figure out when you can start operating again. And this is one of those things that separate good commercial painters from bad ones. For example, if you need a provider of painting services in Sydney, turning to renowned local experts means you’ll be guaranteed all the work will be completed on time. You can also ask your painter’s previous clients whether their projects were completed on time.

Which materials do you use?

The materials your commercial painter is going to use can have a huge impact on how long the project lasts and how your premises will end up looking once all the work is done. Not to mention that some materials are more expensive than others and you need to be aware of all the costs. Just bear in mind that expensive materials don’t always mean your premises will look better. This is why it might be a good idea to do some research on the materials your commercial painter will be using.

How are we going to communicate?

Good communication with your commercial painter is an absolute must if you want your premises to look amazing once all the work has been finished. That said, you should try to agree on how you and your painter will communicate during the project. We recommend getting phone numbers of everyone involved in the work and spending a lot of time at your premises while painting takes place. Moreover, it’s a good idea to schedule a few face-to-face meetings as well, so that you can discuss how well the project is going.

Ask your commercial painter these five questions and you should be able to make your hiring decision with ease. Just make sure you think everything through before you sign any documents.

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