5 Flooring Trends to Consider in Malaysia

When as the last time that you had updated your flooring? Well it is likely that your flooring system is already out-dated. With this, you might want to consider the latest trends of flooring for a dramatic transformation of your home. If you are looking for the most impressive feature of flooring nowadays, you have come to the right place.  Here are the top 5 Flooring Trends that you must consider.


  1. Bamboo Bonanzas

Gone are the days where in bamboo bonanzas are prone to shrinkage.  This is because they are now augmented with more durable materials thus adding a newer height of longevity. Also, these flooring systems come with well-diversified selection of colors, patterns and styles that you would surely love. Whether you want a simple design or you prefer a more intricate work, there is a need for you to hire a reliable flooring contractor.



  1. Eco carpets

You might not be an avid fan of carpets. Well, that is at least yesterday, because today, you can now have carpets that are much softer and greener than ever before. At present, there are lots of dedicated fibres in creating carpet s that pose lesser impact to the environment.  The best part here is that these flooring trends are now much softer on your feet. There is also a wide range of patterns and styles to choose from. To enjoy maximum benefits, these flooring systems need to be carried out by flooring contractor.



  1. Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floorings are perfect upgrades either for your homes or for your offices. Installation of hardwood Flooring can provide refined quality of your home that creates a sense of warmth of and at the same time luxury inside your household. If you want to personalize your home or offices with a personal style and taste, hardwood flooring is the answer to your needs.  For the diverse needs of many home and office owners, they come in variety of features, as to the color and style of each flooring material. But one thing is surely common with Hardwood floors - they create cohesion and wholeness of your home. This is specially made possible when handed by professional flooring contractor.



  1. Larger tiles

Oversized tiles are attention-worthy flooring trends. Along with that, there have been many colors, textures and patterns that have popped out. This flooring option gives you the benefits of lesser grout. However, you should always look for a reputable tradie in order to ensure quality work.



  1. Printed Vinyl

Vinyl can also add a newer height of looks to your floors.  So did you just say that you are an avid fan of wood but you cannot afford real ones? If so, why not ask a reputable tradie to print a rich wood on elegant vinyl flooring.



There you have it- 5 trends of floorings to consider in Malaysia. Don’t let your floorings be left behind. It’s time to upgrade to a higher level of flooring systems. This is made possible with the help of a trustworthy flooring contractor.


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