3 Tips to Maintain Your Landed Property

If you live in a landed property you already know that you are responsible for maintaining your home by law. By keeping a careful upkeep of your property, you can be assured that it will last. Here are 3 tips to help you keep up the exterior and interior of your home.

1. Check Regularly for Issues

By checking regularly for issues, you can ensure that your property stays in top shape. Checking regularly ensures that you deal with issues when they start and not after they have caused significant damage. Check for problems such as cracks in the exterior of your home, damp areas or algae blooms. All of these things can lead to major problems if they are not promptly addressed.

Since Singapore is a country that is humid and hot around the year, cracks can be a major source of damage for your home because water can leak in. Water inside your home can result in water damage, the build up of dangerous moulds and finally additional cracks as the stability becomes compromised.

2. Check Your Roof

There are many instances in which roofs can become the source of major damage to a home. The damage often results from improperly installed or clogged drain pipes. This can cause water to accumulate and form stains on the roof. If your home has this problem you will want to get it fixed right away as well as make sure that your roof is waterproofed. A waterproof sealant should be used to fill in any gaps and the tiles themselves should also be sealed against water.

By fixing your roof, you can also eliminate places for insects to get inside or home or also places for them to build nests. Insects can also cause damage to your home themselves or by attracting other pests that you don't want around.

3. Check the Walls and Foundation

Walls are essential to maintaining the integrity of the structure of your home. Walls that have cracks or other structural issues can mean that your home may fall down at some point. In addition, the cracks can also spread which puts more pressure on structures that were not meant to deal with the added weight. Cracks can be sealed with plaster. However, if the crack is a large crack in a major wall of the home, a home contractor should be called in to review the issue. A major crack could mean that the wall will need to be torn down and rebuilt or reinforced by adding additional support.

When you check the walls, you should also make sure that they have been properly waterproofed. Also repair any chipped paint or other damage to the wall to increase the lifespan of your home.

If you need help with keeping up your landed property, a general contractor or handyman can get the job done. Click here to request quotes now.

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