3 Tips For Designing a Small Living Room

If your living room is really small, you may be worried about how to make it a comfortable place to relax. The living is probably where you will spend a lot of time so you will need to make it as enjoyable as possible while still being able to include all of the furniture needed to entertain. Here are 3 tips to help you figure things out if you are working with a small living room.

1. Mirrors and Wallpaper

Mirrors and wallpaper are two design tricks that you can use to make your small living room seem larger than it actually is. If your living room has too few windows or none at all, it can end up feeling a bit cramped. You can expand your space by adding mirrors to reflect the view from a window or you can use it to create a focal point in a windowless room. Both of these options will give the illusion that there is more space than there actually is.

2. Storage

If you are working with an already tight space, the last thing that you need is clutter. If you want to make sure that all of your things have a home, you should invest in furniture that can double as a place to store items. Select an ottoman for a coffee table or put in a small chest which can store some items out of site.

3. Choose Smaller Furniture

This may seem like an obvious idea however it can be very difficult to do. If you choose furniture items that work with the shape of your space, it will seem as though you have more room. Lining the furniture around the perimeter of the room will give you more floor space so that you have a place to sit or place a coffee table. In small living rooms, sectional sofas work surprisingly well for extra seating for your space.

A backless sofa is another option that is smaller than you can put in your space. With a backless sofa, it can be used from either side which is a good option when the space for seating is limited. This also provides you with a bit of flexibility so that you have more freedom to decide on how to decorate the room.

Do you need help with designing your small living room? A professional interior designer can help you to figure out what are the best options for your space. Click here to request a quote now.

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