10 Great ideas on what to do with your TV.

Are you doing a living room renovation and your not sure what to do with you tv? Here are 10 design for your living room interior with beautiful modern TV wall units and wall mounts. 


In this image you got a free standing unit where the TV is hidden behind a black glass sliding door.


Here is a good example of the TV been build into a wall. In this image they have used a room divider  wall and place the TV flush in the wall.


This is a great idea if you want the TV to cpmpletely disappear. The TV simply flips back into the coffee table.


Here we have a room divider the looks like it is floating. You and swivel the wall so that you can see the TV from any where in the room.


This is  simple unit that has a model look and works well in a room that is small.


Here is another idea on how to hide your TV. Once the TV is lowered into the wall you are left with a simple shelf.


Here we have another room devider. This one creates a great focal point in the room.


This is a very simple unit. The TV is hidden behind the black glass sliding doors.


This TV has been installed into the wall. You can turn the TV around depending on which room you are in.


Are you considering having a custom build solution for your TV and need an Interior Designer?