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Choosing the best quotes from Tiling Tradesmen

Hiring a professional tiling tradesmen to make over either a small space or several rooms in your home are a major decision. There are so many tilers on the market that choosing one to suit your needs could be a dilemma. Here’s a guide to make the search for the best tiling tradesmen easy and stress-free.


What does a tiling tradesmen do?

A wide range of services are offered by tilers which include tile laying, measuring, and cutting. Removal and resurfacing of tiles are also included in their services. Another thing that tilers can do is waterproofing areas such as wet rooms, bathrooms, and laundries as well as tile polishing and cleaning.


Choose your tile design

The first thing you have to do when you’re thinking of renovating areas in your home is to choose the tile design that you want. Our photo galleries or hiring your own interior designer would be able to help you choose the best colour, style, and design that will work best for your areas.



Put it in Writing

Putting your quote request in writing would be able to break the tasks down to doable levels. Putting in as many details as possible for the job will make it easier to get a quote from the tilers. Here are a few tips that can help you clinch the best quote:

  • Write down the spaces that needs tiles such as the dining room, bathroom, kitchen or laundry or other areas
  • Space size that need tiles: very important so tiles would enough for the job needed as well as a few extras to make up for breakages
  • Will the areas need waterproofing? This is very important especially when a wet room needs to be tiled
  • What jobs do you need your tiler to do?
  • Set time expectations so tiler would know when you need the job done
  • State your budget to make the tiler decide whether to take the job or not


Find your Tiling Tradesmen

Finding a tiler to do the tiling in your home is easy with our free Get Quotes service. Here’s the way to use it:

  1. Tell tilers about your job by filling in the forms
  2. This will get you quotes from tilers in your area
  3. Collect and select the best quotes

The tiling tradie that you choose will meet up with you and discuss the project. Expect to make some changes in the quote or your brief.


How it works

  • Post your job for free
  • Contractors will contact you
  • Check the profiles and hire
  • Rate the service

Tips to Hire a Contractor

  • Ensure contractor is properly licensed
  • Check references and ratings
  • Always get more than 1 Quote
  • Be clear on what you want done
  • Do your homework on your budget
  • Be clear on the time frame for the job
  • All costs must be included in the estimate
  • Get an invoice for a deposit payment

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