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All About Swimming Pool Types

Types of Pools

Pools come in both aboveground and in-ground styles. Select the type of pool to build based on your needs.

Above Ground

Aboveground pools are cheaper than in-ground pools and they also have the ability to be relocated, if necessary. In-ground pools may have an effect on the value of your home.

Aboveground pools come in two types, rigid-sided and soft-sided. Rigid-sided pools are more commonly found and they are designed to be more permanent because they include a wall and vinyl liner. The wall can be made from several materials including aluminium, wood, steel or steel and resin. Pools that are soft-sided feature a liner as a part of the actual structure and this kind of pool can also be relocated as necessary.

Aboveground pools are generally considered to be less attractive than in-ground pools. However, these issues can be easily resolved by surrounding the pool with decking or landscaping. Above-ground pools require support so you should consider this when selecting the pool's size. It is also not possible to be creative with the shape of the pool as they come in set shapes, commonly circles or ovals.


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In Ground

In-ground pools can feature a custom shape and design depending on the type of pool that is selected. A pool builder will help you to design your in-ground pool so that it meets the requirements of your space and your personal preferences. If you opt to build an in-ground pool, construction permits will be required. Therefore, it is a good idea to talk with the housing authorities first before committing to any projects. You can also expect that the building process will require a few weeks to several months.

In-ground pools typically come in three types:
  • Fibreglass: Pools that are made from fibreglass are pre-cast in a mould prior to being delivered to your home for installation. These pools offer more flexibility than concrete pools and a vinyl liner can also be added.
  • Concrete: Concrete pools cost the most money but they allow for the most customization in terms of space or size. The concrete is poured directly at the site of installation. Upon setting, the concrete is finished using options including tile, paint and other materials.
  • Vinyl liner: Vinyl liner pools are basically aboveground pools that have been inserted into a hole that has been excavated. This option is the cheapest in terms of pool options but the vinyl liner will need to be replaced roughly every ten years.


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