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Outdoor Lighting: All You Need To Know

Everyone loves to enjoy his or her outdoor living spaces. Creating that perfect outdoor lighting is not easy, but it is essential to get the most out of the space. Therefor the lighting should be a priority, whether you're designing a covered area or an open outdoor space.

Now day’s garden designers and landscapers include lighting in their plans for Patio, pergola and gazebo just as interior designers consider lighting in their plans. The outdoor lighting choice for your space will generally depend on the construction of the roof of the Patio, pergola and gazebo. If a ceiling material covers the rafters, the landscaper or garden designer might choose to use recessed lighting, or may use well placed hanging lights that can provide the light for dining or entertaining to complete the design picture.
Because outdoor living spaces extend beyond the covered areas inside and outsides of your house, there has become a trend towards floor to ceiling windows and bifold doors, therefore garden landscaping has become part of a home's decor. If you strategically placed outdoor lighting, you can make a dramatic difference to the ambience of your living environment, and will enhance your entertainment area whether you're entertaining outdoors or relaxing indoors.

Have a lighted pathway to follow or a little lighting for a garden feature will always create a great look. This has in the past been an expensive option because you would have to hire an electrician to install wiring and connect it to light fittings. LED lighting has solved this problem. Long lasting LED light fixtures can have rechargeable batteries or even be solar powered, which means that they do not require wiring, so you don't have to hire an electrician to install them.



Bug Problems

Traditionally, the drawback to outdoor electric lights has been that they attract bugs. To minimise the number of bugs, you may have to use unattractive yellow light bulbs, but modern LED technology has solved this problem in recent times. Ask your outdoor lighting supplier for advise about this and they can help you select LED light bulbs that don't attract bugs.


Hiring an Electrician

Always hire a qualified lighting electrician when install in electrical wiring and lights, and remember that wiring is never a DIY project. Contact an electrician if your outdoor lighting has to be connected to your mains electricity.


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