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Office interior Designer: What You Need to Know

A lot is reflected about you and your company from what kind of interior your office has.  It is important to create a positive impression on clients and other visitors, as well as creating a good environment for your staff to work in. The design of your office can subconsciously affect the mood and productivity of your employees, so you should take a lot of time and consideration on the interior design and renovation of you office. It has only been the past few years that companies are realising the potential of a great interior.  



Here are 6 office interior designer tips you should consider when renovation your office:

1. Fitting In

Office interior design offers a unique problem, so before you dive into the design elements, you will need to work out the needs of your business and your employees. You are going to want a good fit between the communal and individual space plus keeping in mind the flexibility for future expansion.

2. Your Lighting

Natural light keeps people happier, more alert, and more productive. Look at ways to cut the glare of overhead lighting, use windows, skylights, and glass divisions to make the most of the natural light the sun provides.

3. Meetings and inspiration

Work out the traffic flow or, putting in a break room to get people to meet and collaborate. Consider using benches in nooks and corners for impromptu meetings. Kitchen area should be set up as multi-use, social space like a café. Put up idea boards in lounges, kitchens and meeting rooms, because you never know when inspiration will hit!

4. The Colour

Most Office interior designers will advice to go neutral, but try using colours that can help improved focus, such as pale blue. Read more about paint and moods. Use art to add a calmer atmosphere and more colour. Art will also brake up a large wall that’s painted in a single colour.

5. The Space

Don’t forget to leave enough breathing room for your employees. Ensure they have enough space to move. Maintaining a clutter-free space, provide storage options like shelves, cabinets and baskets. Bring the outside in, use plants to cleanse the air and cultivate a sense of natural life.

6. Branding

Your office is a functional, visible extension of your company’s identity like your website or business cards are. Consider the colour, wallpaper, and other décor that will fit in with your brand. The visual statement made by your office will impact visitors. 

A lot of time and money is invested in who to hire and how to build your business. Often it is easy to overlook or even discounted the expense of the physical aspect of the building and your workspace. Hiring an office interior designer to design your office space should be part of the investment for your company. An office interior designer has the power to make your office a more productive environment. The place where you and your employees spend so much time should be conducive to collaboration, provoke productivity, and inspire innovation. 


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