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Hiring a Landscaping Contractor: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to working on your outdoor property, a landscaping project that looks great can be the addition that can help raise the value of your home. In addition, it will also help you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space more. If you want the job done right, it is a good idea to seek out the services of a professional landscaper so that your property looks best.

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is just the art of designing and constructing an outdoor garden. There are two main components to landscaping - hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping involves changing the inanimate parts of the space, such as walls, decks, water features, and more. Softscaping involves the living parts of the garden, such as plants, grasses, and trees.

What Work Do Landscapers Perform?

Many landscapers offer many services including:

  • Horticulture: This is a major part of landscaping and gardening, as horticulturists will typically have a background in the natural sciences and work as landscapers or botanists. Horticulturists should have a good understanding of the size that plants will grow to, the various changes in colours during each season and the suitability of the plant selects in your space.
  • Landscape design: The majority of landscapers will create a design that will make your outdoor space look even better. It will include the selections for the flora, as well as, any hardscaping features such as paving, water features, and other elements.
  • Landscape construction: After the landscape design has been finalized, the landscaper can begin the construction process. If the property is a new one, the landscaping will be created from scratch. Existing designs can be completely renovated or updated. The construction of the space typically requires heavy machinery, especially if there are excavations or earthworks required for the project. Brickwork, tiling, or joinery may also be required.
  • Project management for landscaping: To guarantee that your new garden and landscaping project are completed on schedule and on budget and at the standard that you expect, a manager is essential for this process. Finding a project manager that is reliable is especially important given the fact that this person will be responsible for managing and overseeing the contractors that will develop your landscaping project.

The majority of landscaping professionals design the garden, create, manage, and do the work to guarantee that everything is going smoothly and will be finished on time.


Gardening, more than landscaping, is focused on the ongoing maintenance of the space in order to keep it in good condition.

There are several maintenance tasks that have to be performed regularly, including:

  • Size: The properly sized windows are those windows that are well suited to the space in which they will be installed and can provide an optimal level of ventilation to the space.
  • Watering
  • Mowing
  • Weeding
  • Replacing or adding plants
  • Pruning

You should consider if you will have time to do these things or if you would prefer that a professional gardener do it for you instead. There are many professional landscaping companies that can complete the work to a high standard for a cost that you can afford.

If you will be planting new plants on your own, a nursery can help you to pick out the best plants for your space. Select plants that will work well in South East Asia's climate for the best results.

Balcony Gardens

A balcony garden can be complicated or as simple as you want. You can spend thousands of dollars or you can do it on a budget. With a large variety of plants and containers on offer, you can either make a relatively low-maintenance, balcony garden, or you can do a full-on farm. This will entirely depend on the space, light, exposure, and amount of time, energy, and money you want to spend. Balconies are usually microclimates, differing significantly from the climate on the ground. If an area is shaded, this can be one climate, if another area is exposed to the wind that is a different climate. The conditions on a balcony can be extreme with huge temperature fluctuations. The trick is to really figure out what the environment is, before you plan your garden. If you take the time to really evaluate the conditions, the chances of gardening success will be greatly enhanced.

Points to Think About Before Landscaping and Gardening

There are a few things that will have effects on the way that your garden is designed and planted. These factors include children, pets, the purpose of the space, the addition of a pool or spa, and more.

Considering all of these things is important because they will affect the costs and scope of the landscaping project. Landscaping projects can be expensive. Therefore, it is a good idea to try not to spend more than one-tenth of the value of your home on outdoor landscaping. This figure should include the amount of money that will be spent on the materials and the labour. If your budget is small, try to spread out the landscaping project over several years, as your budget will allow.

Keeping the design of your garden simple initially can help you create a garden style that is beautiful and timeless.

Selecting a Professional Gardener or Landscaper

If you are considering hiring a professional landscaping service, the landscaper will be able to perform many services for you. The landscaping service can assist with consultation, design, and managing contractors, finding materials, and payments, and obtaining the required permits. These services will be considered project management and the service may charge a fee, so it is important to ask about the costs. If you have had a garden design created, ensure that the design has as many details as possible so that you are receiving quotes that are as close as possible to the actual costs of the job.

Always check the qualifications of any professional that you hire. Find out about his or her background and make sure that the professional understands your vision for your space.

If you have a limited budget, make sure that you request a detailed review of the costs and compare fees from several providers.

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