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Kitchen Interior Design: What You Need to Know


Deciding on the design and type of kitchen to install can be a very tuff decision. There are many things to consider such as, do you want a flat pack or custom kitchen, what of style will work best for you kitchen size and lastly the type of materials. Here are some helpful tips to get you started with your kitchen renovation.


Flat Pack Kitchen Interior Design

If you are building a new kitchen or renovating your existing kitchen, a practical alternative is to use a flatpack kitchen. These are economical and much better quality than you might anticipate. There is a huge range of designs available for you to choose from and you can even have your flatpack kitchen custom designed, perfect if you’re on a budget but have an awkwardly shaped kitchen.


Custom Build Kitchen Interior Design 

Whether you are renovating or building a new kitchen, you’ll know that the one thing that you’ll want to get right is the kitchen cabinets, especially if you have been living with a kitchen that has poorly designed cabinets. Solve all of the problems of the past by using a carpenter to build your new kitchen cabinets. The chief advantage of this is the flexibility that they provide. The carpenter is able to build you new cabinets in the material and colour that you desire and they can design the cabinets so that they perfectly fit into your kitchen layout with minimal waste of space.

They will also be able to design and build you cabinets that are perfectly suited to your needs – think well located and generously sized pot drawers, pull out shelving in the cabinets, walk in pantries, and so on. Whatever you can think of they can accommodate in most cases. As well as designing the cabinets, the carpenter will also build and install them for you.


Kitchen Interior Design Styles

There are several different types of kitchens from U-shaped to island kitchens. Following is a brief overview of each type:

  • U-shaped kitchen – this style of kitchen is suitable for small or large kitchens and is the safest design in that it stops members of the household from walking through the potentially dangerous work triangle. It also offers optimal bench and storage space. If seating is at a premium in your home, you can also use one of the “legs” of the U as a breakfast bar or eating area. 
  • L-shaped kitchen – this kitchen style is great for narrow, long or open-plan rooms and still provides a good amount of storage and workspace. It is also easy to reach all of the main working areas. 
  • Single-line kitchen – use this kitchen in small spaces. This style of kitchen has appliances placed underneath the countertop for maximum workspace and storage cabinets are usually placed overhead. 
  • Two-way Galley - this style of kitchen minimises the amount of movement as cupboards and workspaces are located in front of and behind you. However, for safety reasons, ensure that the space between the two sides is wide enough for people to navigate around you. 
  • Island kitchen – this is any style of kitchen with a separate workbench included. This is useful if more than one person is cooking at a time and works best in larger areas, so that traffic flow is not impeded


Kitchen Interior Design Materials

Kitchens can be constructed from a wide variety of materials including timber, stainless steel, stone such as granite or marble, tiles, laminate and glass. Here is a brief run down of each material:

  • Timber – is stylish and durable but if used as a countertop, it is prone to scratches and burn marks and can be unhygienic if meat or poultry is prepared on it. However, it is a great option for cupboards and drawers. 
  • Stainless Steel – is a very modern look and also hygienic. It can be hard to keep clean. 
  • Stone – granite, marble and other stone is a very classy material that will not scratch, burn or otherwise mark. It is expensive but it will last for a long time. 
  • Tiles – are great for splashbacks and other accents but if used as a countertop, the grouting may prove to be unhygienic. Tiles come in a great range of colours and finishes and can be very inexpensive
  • Laminate – can be used practically anywhere in the kitchen – for countertops, cupboards and doors. The wide range of finishes available means it will suit any kitchen design but it is not as hardwearing as some other materials. 
  • Glass – in the kitchen, glass is used primarily for shelving and splashbacks. It provides a modern look and is hard wearing if properly reinforced but it can show dirt easily.

Now that you are ready to start your kitchen renovation, we can help you find the right contractor to help you with the design or installation process of the renovation. 


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