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Kitchen Designer: All You Need to Know

Designing Your Kitchen

Designing your kitchen can be a long process, but if you take the time to get things right you will go a long way to ensure that there are no problems in the future. The first thing you will need to consider when planning for your new kitchen is what you will use it for, whether it be primarily for cooking for your family or for entertainment. If you are planning to entertain, think about how often will you do so, how many people you will be cooking for and will it be formal or informal? All of this will influence how much space you will need, both for workspace and for storage.

When renovating your kitchen, try to identify existing trouble spots and see how these can be rectified. Working with a kitchen designer or other kitchen professionals such as an architect, kitchen contractor, carpenter or interior designer will provide invaluable assistance during the whole design process. If placement of existing plumbing and electrics is not where you need the, keep in mind that it may not be as expensive as you think to relocate these.

Ensure that you have consulted your plumber, electrician, kitchen designer and all other contractors before making any decisions. Remember, every kitchen should have the following basics: ample working and storage space, good lighting, good plumbing, reliable appliances, and plenty of power points.

Finally the most important thing to consider in your kitchen renovation is the “work triangle”, which is made up of the sink, the worktop and the refrigerator. For get maximum safety and efficiency the total space between the elements of the triangle should be no more than 7-10 meters with 7 meters being ideal. The kitchen sink should also be placed near or below a window, in an area with plenty of natural light or in an area convenient to you.


Kitchen Design Professionals

Renovating your new kitchen is a major project, so it is important that you are happy with all the contractors that are working with you on the project, whether they are kitchen designers, carpenters, electricians or plumbers. If you are hiring a design firm to oversee the project for you, check if they coordinate all of the contractors required to complete the project.

If you are employing a kitchen contractor or design firm, you should get an initial consultation, after which you should receive detailed plans of your new kitchen renovation along with an estimate of the cost and the time line to complete the renovation. The contractor should also be able to help you with choosing materials, colours, appliances, and all other aspects of the kitchen.

A good contractor will inspect your kitchen before any kitchen renovation to ensure that there are no significant problems. They should also be fully insured, qualified and able to show you references from previous projects.  Make sure that you check all paperwork thoroughly before any work commences and ensure that a system is in place so that changes to the original plan cannot be made without your express permission.

Hiring a project manager can ensure your new kitchen installation or renovation runs smoothly and adheres to all industry standards. They will also coordinate all contractors and ensure the materials for the kitchen arrive at the right time.

Are you planning a kitchen renovation and need the help of a designer or contractor. 


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