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Licensing for Aircon and Refrigeration Tradesmen

In Australia, it is known that licensing of the aircon and refrigerator is strictly required by the law. Though some insist this is only needed exclusively for major works, however, according to the state law everything, which involves air conditioning and refrigeration, whether it is minor or major work should have licensed tradies. Why it is so necessary for the law to ensure that all refrigeration or aircon tradies are licensed?

The Importance of Refrigeration Licenses

ARC or also known as Australian Refrigerator Council Ltd. is authorised by the government of Australia on managing air conditioning as well as refrigeration licenses. Based on the site of ARC, most refrigerators and air conditioners have that fluorocarbon refrigerant gas and these gasses are too dangerous to Mother Earth. This may harm everyone. Australia along with 196 other countries worldwide has signed the Montreal agreement. It is an agreement, which is phasing out substances that cause the depletion of our ozone.

Prion on the issuance of the license for the installment or servicing of the air conditioning or even of the refrigeration system, applicants should have evidence that they really understand issues, which might arise in the environment because of the emission of fluorocarbons. They must also have knowledge of the installment and at the same time repair the refrigeration or air conditioning system so they will be able to prevent the emission at its minimum level. 

But there is one existing exception with the law and that is they are not going to require a license if you are going to plug in a single-phased or self-contained refrigerator or air conditioning unit.  Whenever it needs some repair or maintenance, this should be done by a professional and licensed technician.

rows of air conditioning in multi store building

Image by Mathieu Vivier from Pixabay

Aircon and Refrigeration License and its Significance on You

Upon the approval of the Montreal Protocol, according to the reports, our Ozone layer is been showing big improvements—which is good news. Studies, which were conducted by MacQuarie University have verified that there is a significant recovery from the Ozone hole. Well, it simply implies that by keeping up your own responsibility in assuring that your aircon as well as refrigeration systems are working correctly, and are up to date to prevent what has already been done been reversed. This is why it is a must that you would get a licensed and experienced tradesman to do all installation and repairs.

Aside from that, personally, hiring a licensed tradesman will give you peace of mind that the tradie you hire is reliable. Meanwhile, if you hire an unlicensed tradie, then the chances are you could receive shoddy workmanship. Apart from the possible danger of damaging the environment when the refrigerant starts leaking, there are also chances that it will never do its task efficiently and effectively as it can. When your air conditioning is under warranty and you have it installed by a tradie who is unlicensed, then you could only make the warrant nothing but null and void.


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