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Air Conditioning Systems: All You Need to Know 

Before you select an air conditioner, you will want to make sure that the system that you have selected is the right one for your needs. Think about the space in which the system will be used and the reasons that you want the system in the first place. Do you have access to the wiring in order to install the system or will changes need to be made to your home during the installation process? If you think that changes will be required, it is important to speak with an electrician. An electrician will have access to your current wiring setup and will be able to notify you as to the changes that will be required. Also, you will want to consider the cost of the air conditioning unit itself, as there are many options available. The unit itself will also require maintenance at some point.

Getting recommendations from family and friends can be helpful if you are undecided on a brand for your air conditioner unit. You want to make sure that you are opting for air conditioning that will stand up to hot weather year round!

Split System Air Conditioners

  • Split system: 

    A split system air conditioner consists of two sections, one on the inside of your home and one on the outside of your home. These components work together via refrigerant piping. The split system air conditioners are available to provide reverse cycling or cooling only and offer several power options. The smallest power options (5kW and under) are generally best for small to medium-sized spaces. While the higher power units are generally meant for larger areas. Split systems can be mounted either on the floor or the wall, depending on the amount of available space for the installation. A floor-mounted system is typically only installed when the wall-hung option is not available.
  • Portable Split System: 

    Portable split systems are another option. These units tend to be smaller and have outdoor and indoor components connected via a hose that runs through an opening in the window. The advantage of this system is that the unit's location can be changed as needed.
  • Multi Split System: 

    Multi-split systems are designed to provide air conditioning for more than one room by using only one outdoor unit. These systems are the best option when the amount of outdoor space is limited or when there isn't sufficient space on the ceiling to install the air ducting that is needed for ducted air conditioning. A multi-split system provides control over the air conditioning in each room will reduce waste and save you money on operation costs.


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Fixed Air Conditioning Unit

A fixed air conditioning unit is a tiny box that is typically mounted within external windows or walls. These units generally work well for only a single room. Therefore, if you need to cool multiple rooms, multiple units may be needed. The smaller units can be plugged into a powerpoint. However, larger units may need to be integrated into the home's electrical system.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioning can be set up in just about any home that is new or already built. All that is needed is sufficient space in the ceiling. The ducted air conditioning system is made up of two components. The compressor is located on the exterior of the home, while an indoor component is set up in the ceiling space. The cooled or warmed air is distributed via ductwork throughout the entire house.

To increase the efficiency at which the system operates, ducted systems can be split up so that the various areas of the home can be heated or cooled individually at varying times. For example, a day zone could be allotted to the living areas and a night zone could be allotted to the bedrooms. The services of an expert refrigeration mechanic and electrician will be required in order to make sure that the job gets done in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


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