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What is Air Conditioner Chemical Cleaning?

The performance of an air conditioner goes down with time. If you notice carefully, you'll find that your air conditioner is not cooling the way it used to. You may also notice that your electricity bill has regularly gone up due to the high power drawn by your air conditioner. However, this does not mean that any permanent damage has happened to your air conditioner. In fact, lower cooling is the result of dust and dirt, which has accumulated over time in the air conditioner.

One of the first things you need to do when you find out that your air conditioner is not working properly is to contact an aircon servicing professional to find out what the problem is. If there is nothing wrong with your air conditioner and the lower cooling is the result of accumulated dirt and dust, then it is time for you to chemically clean your air conditioner. It is important to note that most of the parts in your air conditioner can be cleaned without the use of chemicals, but when it comes to cleaning the compressor, chemical cleaning becomes necessary.

Aircon chemical cleaning involves a very thorough overhaul of the air conditioning unit. This service is needed when a general cleaning does not improve the condition and performance of your air conditioner.


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What Do You Get In a Chemical Cleaning?

  1. Dismantle an evaporator unit for chemical cleaning 
  2. Chemical cleaning of an evaporator coil 
  3. Cleaning of the condenser coil 
  4. Cleaning of the condensate drain pan 
  5. Cleaning of condensate water drainage system 
  6. Cleaning of blower wheel and blade 
  7. Checking of all electrical component 
  8. Checking all setting 
  9. Lubricating all moving parts 
  10. Re-installation of an evaporator unit 
  11. Checking the refrigerant system 
  12. Top up of refrigerant (R-22 gas) 

What Are The Key Benefits Of Chemical Cleaning?

  • Cleaner air: Respite from Breathing and Respiratory Problems
  • Energy costs: A clean aircon will save a good amount of money on lower electricity bills. 
  • Increase the life of your aircon: Experts recommend getting your aircon chemically cleaned every three months. For commercial air conditioners, it is recommended to clean them each month.
  • Prevent water dripping: Water leakage can result in heavy damage to the aircon unit itself as well as the walls. 
  • Eradication of Mold: Damp and dirty spaces such as those inside a dirty aircon are perfect breeding grounds for mold and other harmful bacteria.  

Chemical washes are essential to the maintenance of your AC unit, especially if you want it to work efficiently for years to come.  So if you need an air conditioner unit chemically washed, a qualified air conditioning service can help. Click here to get quotes from top aircon contractors now.

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