Selecting an Air Conditioner for the Office

When it comes to air conditioners for commercial spaces, there are many options to choose from. An air conditioner that meets your cooling needs can come in several different options so it is important to understand the differences. Here are 5 of the most common types of air conditioners for offices so that you can make the best selection.

1. Packaged Aircon

The packaged aircon is the most common type of air conditioner unit found on the market today. They can be great for large rooms and even industrial areas. The packaged air conditioner unit is designed for easy mounting on a rooftop or on a wall.

2. Cassette Air Conditioner

For facilities that have a limited amount of space on the roof, a cassette AC unit is probably a good option. The cassette AC is designed so that it can cool a space easily and efficiently. They are also well liked thanks to the sleek design and performance.

3. Refrigerated AC Unit

A refrigerated AC unit is also very commonly used in offices because of the fact that they also help to reduce humidity levels while cooling the air. Humidity can be a major problem on very hot days. If you want to make sure that your workspace will be comfortable, the refrigerated AC unit is a good choice.

4. Ducted AC Unit

A ducted AC unit is good for making sure that the cool air that it outputs is distributed evenly. A ducted AC unit comes with a series of vents that is used to deliver the cool air throughout the space. The ducts are often installed in the walls overhead or underneath the floor. Thanks to the ducts, the ducted AC unit offers one of the fastest ways to cool down the office.

5. Split AC Unit

A split AC unit consists of an indoor unit and condenser that is located outdoors. This option is preferred for offices because it can be installed quite easily and you will not have to use complicated aircon installation in order to get this type of unit set up. 

There are so many choices that you still make have trouble deciding which style of air conditioner unit to select. 

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