Contractor Ratings: How they help you

In this post I am exploring the benefits of contractor ratings as used in Online ratings have been around for a while and I'm sure many of you are familiar with them. Our ratings are a 








bit different and I just wanted to explain to you how to use them. But first a bit of information on the power of online reviews.
















According to one study in the US about online reviews 85% of consumers use online reviews when making decisions about local companies. In a more global study (Including asia) Nielson reported that 70% of respondents said they trusted online reviews. Not convinced? You should be. Peer Review is considered one of the most powerful forms of persuasion. And if you are a business owner just look at the results of this study by the Harvard Business Review if you are not convinced. 
















The main problem that surfaces with online reviews is the doubt of the authenticity of these reviews. There are many stories of rival brands using these websites to sabotage one another by posting negative comments and trying to sway public opinion. At we think this is a huge problem. So we took a different approach.
















How are our Ratings different? 
















1. We only allow reviews from homeowners that had their job done on No outside reviews are allowed. It's a closed system. 








 2. We rate the contractor on three points, Quality, Professionalism, and Value. The goal is to distribute the ratings fairly, given that the contractor may be stronger in a particular area, and rating them thusly will allow that to show. 
















So why rate your contractor? 
















Our tagline is "Better Quality Contractors" and our rating help to encourage contractors to do the best job possible. It's all about building your reputation. Simply put, bad ratings are bad for business. This system will help the best contractors get the most work while giving you peace of mind while building your dream home. 
















One of the most common questions we get is that if they have no ratings, how do I know if I am getting a quality Contractor? 
















Contractors without ratings have most likely just joined. Although they don’t have any ratings yet, it doesn’t mean they’re not quality Contractors. In fact, this means that they are incentivised to do a quality job to ensure that they get a brilliant first rating, allowing them to start building their reputation online and gain more work in the future. 
















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