Conducting Ducted Heating Service Regularly


To ensure that your ducting heating system is functioning at its full capacity, it is recommended that a comprehensive ducting heating service is done every 12 months. Since the system continually circulates air, dust tends to build upon the fans and it needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain the heating system. It is also important to check the burning pressures of gas and to conduct carbon monoxide tests to keep the environment safe. 

Only experienced technicians can deliver highest standard maintenance services and they can repair your ducted heating system with all safety measurements. They are experts in their field and make sure that every part of the service is carried out as per the customers’ utmost satisfaction. So, it is recommended to have regular service done to reduce the risk of faulty gas appliances and carbon monoxide poisoning. Let us see how the experts conduct ducting heating service.

What Happens During Ducted Heating Service

Experts arrive at your place equipped with all the tools and instruments to carry out the following tasks:

  • Cleaning dust build-up from your fan motor

  • Conducting a carbon monoxide test to make sure that there are no harmful gases present in your environment

  • Checking the capacitor to make sure that the motor is operating as per the specific range of current

  • Checking and cleaning the flame sensor installed on your gas heater

  • Checking the gas burner pressure and setting it correctly

  • Checking the igniter and adjusting the available spark gaps

  • Checking electrical connections and identifying any wear and tear

  • Ensuring the correct operation of flue

  • Removing harmful gases from the flue connection

  • Checking the outlets for proper flow of air

  • Chemical cleaning of the return air grills 

  • Stopping bacterial infestation with high pressure hose

  • Sealing the return air cavity correctly

  • Finally, conducting a complete ducting heating service function test

Importance of Regular Service


If your heating system is not working properly, you may end up experiencing sleepless nights and uncomfortable days. So, it is important to identify and fix any problem as and when it starts showing the first of symptoms. Routine maintenance of your ducting heating system is extremely helpful in preventing serious breakdowns later. We all know that prevention is better than cure, which is why it is significant to get your system serviced with a regular routine. Dust particles can penetrate through the clogged filters and they can damage all internal parts of your heaters. To prevent such issues, you need to clean and replace your filters. When your filters are clogged, your fans need to work hard to suck air, due to which your energy bills are increased significantly. So, if you want to avoid extensive repairs afterwards, you should consider employing experts to keep your system maintained. Professional experts will not only clean and repair your heating system, but will also give you valuable advice to maintain your system in future.

Choosing are Right Ducted Heating Service Expert

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The service expert that you call should have several years of experience in this field. With experience, they would be able to diagnose any faults in your system and fix them with dexterity. Also make sure that the experts who arrive at your place are licensed, qualified, certified and insured. Also compare their prices with others ducted heating services to choose an affordable one. You can also check their online reviews to choose the best. 

So, now that you are looking for a ducted heating service expert, here we have told you what they would do, why you should hire them, and how to select the best ones out there.


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