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What Does it Cost to Hire a Handyman?

Hiring a handyman in Singapore is an economical way of getting lots of smaller tasks to be done including plumbing, aircon servicing, electrical services, water heater installation, furniture assembling, etc. However, not all handymen are equipped with the many required skills to perform every task in the house.

What is a Handyman?

Some handymen have a background in primary carpentry skills or perhaps in the construction trade. Moreover, other people are more suitable for doing electrical wiring and plumbing.

A handyman's talents are defined by what they could do, thus it is wise to make sure they know what they are doing prior to hiring them to fix anything around your household.

Because a handyman's job spans extensively from simple plumbing to installing a blind, it is vital for homeowners to make sure they get the right person for the tasks.

Though some may boast of being a jack of all trades; you could end up having to try and do the job again since they could have made a previously bad leak, even more, worse.

Hiring a Handyman in Singapore

Get together a listing of the things that you want to be done and review the list in conjunction with the handyman. Ask questions if you must.

Some of the things on the list can be done on your own so that can help save additional costs and time.

For such small jobs, several handymen charge on an hourly basis. The hourly rates are usually a reflection of his experience. Then again, check on the market price to make an assessment.

You could also call several handyman companies to survey for their pricing for their various handyman services. This assists you to make enough money for your repairs. Recollect the ‘to-do list' that you just prepared?

 Use a related format for price quotations at the same time. Some of the companies offer a free quote.

The simplest way to go about incurring the minimum cost is for you to take estimates ahead.

This way the contractor would also be cautious of boosting high prices over the fear of losing their job.

More significantly, you will get a perfect idea of the market prices. Make sure that you take the costs of both labor and material.

Regarding the profession of a handyman, they could usually perform various tasks starting from simple, like restoring your door, to taking on full-time projects. He or she could do renovation and cleaning also.

When you are on the lookout for the cheapest handyman in Singapore, you'll need to look into various local directories and several sources. You could also visit the contact us pages of several professional services and get a quote. Once you have multiple quotes, you could compare and hire the lowest-priced handyman.

You can call in the person with the knowledge essential to investigate precisely what is happening.

Finally,  you could ponder on how much you are keen to spend to find the job done correctly. Of course, it is truly cheaper to do it yourself, since, you do not know What he or she is doing might cost more in the end. If the complexity of the project, a guarantee on the work done is achieved. Might be a staff specialized and reliable maintenance can return and rebuild the project if you have a problem with the work.

These are the latest Price List for Singapore-Inclusive of transport fees

• Change Door Handle SGD$50

• Exchange Bedchamber Door SGD$110

• Set up Shelves SGD$50

• Mount TV Brackets SGD$70

• Put in Wall Mounted Fan SGD$60

• Set up Ceiling Fan SGD$90

• Mount Chandelier SGD$110

• Set up Mirrors SGD$50

• Mount Pictures and Frames for SGD$40

• Gather Tables or Chairs SGD$40

• Change leaking conduits for SGD$50

• Fit/Substitute toilet basin SGD$170

• Mount/Change Water Stoppers SGD$50

• Set up/Exchange Shower sets SGD$60

• Reintroduce Kitchen/Basin/Toilet Bowl Choke SGD$110-$130

• Mount/Interchange Instant Warmer SGD$60

• Set up/Exchange Big Heater SGD$110

• Change Switch Outlet  SGD$50

• Switch Light Accessories/Light Bulbs SGD$70

• 3bedroom Painting Service area SGD$800

• 4bedroom Painting Facilities SGD$1050

• 5bedroom Painting Service area SGD$1350

• 5bedroom Exclusive Painting Service area $1400

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Tips to Hire a Contractor

  • Ensure contractor is properly licensed
  • Check references and ratings
  • Always get more than 1 Quote
  • Be clear on what you want done
  • Do your homework on your budget
  • Be clear on the time frame for the job
  • All costs must be included in the estimate
  • Get an invoice for a deposit payment

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