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Renovating a New Restaurant in Singapore

Few commercial spaces are turned key for just a new restaurant. Except, if you are buying an existing restaurant or opening a very new restaurant in a place that has already housed an exclusive restaurant,

You will most likely need to make selected renovations.

Renovating a space to house a restaurant requires exceptional considerations when it comes to wiring, water, sewer, parking, lighting and lots of other areas. Unless you are exceptionally handy, you might need to hire contractors to accomplish the renovations.

It’s vital before you begin this process that you have a contract together with your prospective landlord about what job is being done to the big space in addition to who is paying for it.


Understand the Rudiment of Choosing a Restaurant Location

The initial step in choosing a superb location for just a new restaurant is usually to consider the basics, for example, size, parking, zoning as well as your potential neighbors.

Even the most cavernous warehouse can easily shrink in size once you begin laying out a commercial kitchen, kitchen, bar, restrooms, wait for stations and storage areas.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider smaller spaces-many tiny restaurants are highly successful- it means that you should never forget how much space you’ll need.

Of course, you must make sure your selected place allows restaurants and serving good liquor. Speak with your local town office or zoning board to be certain you have a liquor license.

Parking is the other big consideration for a new restaurant. If there isn’t much parking aT your restaurant itself, is there enough nearby?

Or is the restaurant location in a fast paced pedestrian area, such as a downtown?

Never underrate the value of convenience to clients. If they think that your restaurant isn’t easy to get, either by car or by foot, it could be a big deterrent.


Renovating for the New Restaurant:

If you’ve found the ideal location, in a superb neighborhood, with plenty of parking and foot traffic. The only problem- the area, used to be a clothing store, not an expensive restaurant. A whole renovation is needed.


What do you do now?

If you are renting or leasing space, you'll want to talk together with your landlord about what oughts to be done, and most importantly,

Who is going to do it and pay for it? Many land owners will foot the total bill for renovations,

since, in theory, it’s their building they're improving. Others will say that you should pay for the bulk of the repairs, because, it is your business.

Either way, it’s important to have a contract and lease set up before starting, which typically states who is responsible for which renovations.


Hire An Expert:

Unless you've got experience as an electrician, plumber or carpenter, it’s wise to hire professionals for the early stages of renovations. Areas that needs to be inspected range from the wiring, pipes, water lines, heating, air conditioning, ventilation (HVAC) systems, interior and exterior lighting.

Several commercial types of equipment require special electrical outlets along with other wiring to function properly.

To meet the standard fire safety procedures, your restaurant kitchen will need special ventilation hoods in place, together with a sprinkler system.

There are a few parts of a restaurant renovation that even a newbie can tackle, including basic cosmetic work, for example, painting, to save money.

Other aesthetic works, like refinishing floors and woodwork, laying carpet and installing tile are better left to professionals.

Knowing early in advance what work needs to be done will help keep your initial budget in order.

Also knowing which party is liable for certain renovations might help you avoid miscommunications with your impending landlord.

Renovations is usually a long and arduous process; however, they're going to bring you a stride closer to opening day along with your dream of owning your restaurant.


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